Evolutionary Astrology and Yoga, 29th May – 4th June 23



Leon has experienced the transformative power of Pluto firsthand, quite a few times…and since then he practices the language of astrological symbolism, paving his unique illuminated way and helping others on their spiritual journey with evolutionary advice and insight.
Wisdom never goes out of style, in fact it’s timeless…

Evolutionary Astrology

As we collectively and rapidly emerge into the new epoch, it necessitates a new type of Astrology –
a holistic Teaching of Evolution of Consciousness and divine synchronicity of the Soul growth, based on Natural Law and verifiable by our sense and inner feelings.



4 Evolutionary States

Pluto & Evolution of Consciousness

4 Ways Pluto affects Evolution.

Three Pluto Generations  

Virgo (1956 -1971)

Libra (1971 – 1984)

Scorpio (1984-1995)

Soul Formula

Karmic Dynamic

Evolutionary Intention

Chart analysis and interpretation

Pluto Transits


We’ll meet each and every day with invigorating and awakening authentic yoga practice.
It will help us start our day right by cleansing the body, removing energy blockages and tune mind to a higher cognitive agility and mental focus we need to study astrology. 

During the day we might also engage in some light Yoga practices to keep ourselves in active state.

And we’ll sit in a group meditation prior to wrapping up a day. For specific healing purposes there also be an introduction to the Sound Healing.


We’ll also have time for a swim, walks on the beach, hammock relaxation and quiet time with yourself. Some explorations of the island’s attractions, and summer outdoor movie nights. And even one dinner out in the local Greek restaurant.


The entire 6-days Program  will cost 725 Euro and will include:

  • Full accommodation 
  • Three healthy and delicious meals a day
  • Transfer from and to the airport
  • One dining together at the traditional Greek restaurant.

The Yoga Teachers* 


Elias is an experienced Raja Yoga Teacher E-RYT 500, a Life Coach, a Gong Master, a Sound, Aroma and Energy Healer. He also practices Jnana and Bhakti Yoga, completes the writing of 4 books in relation to life, personal growth, conscious communities and what is possible on the spiritual path. He pursues ever higher states of consciousness and has devoted his life to causes that have positive and meaningful impact to humanity.

Kathrine Brustad 

Kathrine is the founder of Kathy’s Island Retreat and comes from Oslo, Norway. She is an open-minded, spiritual person, always looking to learn new things about the nature of herself. She loves running Kathy’s Island Retreat and practicing yoga as these experiences give her the chance to meet new people, learn from others and grow as a human being. Kathrine has completed a total of 500 hours of yoga teacher trainings. As a yoga teacher she is humble and open and loves the challenges teaching offers.

Her classes are focused towards inspiring the students to bring mindfulness and proper breathing into their asana practice in order to enhance it. She wants to bring presence into her classes and into the life of more people and believes that she can achieve that one yoga class at a time. She is a yoga practitioner both on and off the mat as she knows from experience what an amazing impact the practice of yoga and meditation has on herself and the people around her.


The menu will consist of both vegetarian and vegan food and if you would like a raw food diet this can also be accommodated upon request. Should you have any dietary issues, like gluten, milk intolerance or allergies, we will take this into consideration when planning the menu.

Brunch is served with fresh organic eggs, fresh fruit, and a variation of muesli and nuts and of course Greek yogurt and honey. Lunch and dinner consists of tasty and healthy Greek dishes, many from their own organic vegetable garden. You will also have access to a great variety of fruit and vegetable juices.

We enjoy lunch under the shadow of the trees in the garden and in the evenings, we gather together one the terrace for a cosy candle lit dinner.

Sound healing, Aromatherapy and Bach Remedies 

You will participate in several sound healing classes and you will also be trained in how to provide sound healing yourselves. Upon request and depending on availability you can also be trained in Aromatherapy and have an introduction to Bach remedies.

SPA treatments

You can book a massage on site. The massages take place outside, under big beautiful pine trees. An amazing experience!

You can also book private sessions in Aroma Therapy and Healing session. The energy of the sea and the sun are the perfect combination for an unforgettable experience!

For more information about this week, please contact us:  https://www.kathysislandretreat.com/contact/

* (subject to change)