Leader Retreat 13 – 20 September 20

Conscious Leadership program

The program has a holistic approach and focuses on the interaction between development in the leadership role and what this requires of personal development. Good management has the best conditions when the leader is in balance physically, emotionally and mentally. The program therefore includes teaching, exercises and techniques that strengthen the connection between the physical, emotional and mental aspects of the participants. Techniques in energy management, stress management, breathing exercises, meditation and yoga are central in the program and will help to release blockages that are not appropriate for the participant as a human being and in the role of a leader. The program also contains individual coaching and topics related to leadership and interaction with others. The program will also focus on how the participant can influence and motivate others by becoming more genuine, honest and authentic. Sleep, food and the natural elements affect us more than many think, and the program is therefore located to Kathy’s Island Retreat on Karpathos, where there are optimal conditions for these important dimensions. The participant will receive useful tools from the program, which can help to ensure long-term and proper use of energy in the exercise of the participants leadership role in everyday life.

It can get lonely and stressful at the top! Leaders are experiencing unprecedented pressures to deliver but at the same time there are some very old tools with some very new applications they can use to lead effectively and make the right decisions. Effective use of our bioenergy can lead to higher states of consciousness where clarity, intuitive knowledge and guidance is available to all of us. Toyni an experienced facilitator of leadership programs with great track record has teamed with Yogis and yoga teachers from Norway and across Europe to put together a unique weekly experience on a Greek island where limiting beliefs and energy blockages are cast side. Every leader out there could benefit from such a program. If everything is energy and we don’t use our energy well then energy uses us. Conscious leadership awaits. New possibilities await!